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How the Norfolk Broads were Formed
In the 12th Century, Norfolk was believed to be the most densley populated area of England. The supply of wood was dwindling and so an alternative fuel needed to be found. Turbary or Peat digging commenced with long channels being dug throughout the Norfolk flat lands. This was a difficult and physically demanding job but it offered ample fuel for the local people with additional sales bringing wealth to the area for many decades to follow.
However during the 14th Century as sea levels slowly rose, the vast channels dug to extract the peat began to fill with water, until eventually it was no longer possible to extract the peat. As the Broads were formed, boats started to use the waterways to trade their crafts from town to town, and then eventually in the 19th Century, tourists began visiting the area to experience the unique surroundings.
Incredibly, it wasn't until the 1950's that Dr JM Lambert, after extensive research, finally proved that  the Norfolk Broads were man made. The Broads Authority was established in 1989 to conserve and protect the wetlands and the historic area.

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