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Discover the UK's rarest Plants and Animals on a Norfolk Broads Boating Holiday
A recent survey carried out by the University of East Anglia has discovered 25% of the UK's rarest plants and animals can be found in the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads. The year long survey was commissioned by the Broads Authority with support from Natural England and involved studying over 1.5 million records.
They found a good number of species unique to the Broads, some of which have still not been named, and over 1500 species which are classified as rare, including the Swallowtail Butterfly and Norfolk Hawker Dragonfly. However it was disappointing to discover that 60 species had become extinct since the 1950's, which stressed the importance of continuing the successful re-introduction programme.
A Norfolk Broads boating holiday offers you the chance to marvel at these rare species whilst also helping to preserve them for future generations. The marriage betweeen conservation and tourism may not appear obvious at first, but if the area is successful in continuing to attract visitors, then more resources should be made available to conserve the area and it's habitats and fund further research.
It also offers the opportunity to work in partnership towards making boating holidays on the Norfolk Broads as environmentally friendly as possible.

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